April 18th, 2016, 8:24 pm

Flying-type Eeveelution Contest

So, I need a flying-type Eeveelution for the comic, it'll be like an Eeveelution god or something, and I need it for the current chapter. I've been having trouble coming up with a good flying-type design that's original. I came up with one idea so far, Galacteon, but it doesn't have wings. It has these golden rings around its tail and ankles that make it fly, and they kind of float around it. Its fur looks like the galaxy, swirly purple and navy blue with white stars around its eyes and chest. Well, I wasn't too crazy about my own design. That's why I need your help.

Create an original flying-type Eeveelution, then post your entry in the comments below. I'll go over all your entries the day after the deadline, then select the winner within a few days afterward.

Here are some rules:

1. It has to be original! I don't care if it comes from one of your webcomics, as long as the design is original. Using inspiration from the pictures online is fine, but don't copy them and try not to just make a combination of them in one Pokemon. I WILL check online when I judge them, you won't be chosen if you plagiarized someone else's artwork. This also means that you can't make it obviously resemble current Eeveelutions, for example, it can't have their features or color scheme.

2. Art skill doesn't matter, you just have to draw it and make sure the picture is clear. Make it easy to see the features of your Eeveelution, and the picture itself should be clear. If it's traditionally drawn, make sure to either scan it or take a picture with a high-resolution camera.

3. The name of your Eeveelution (make sure it ends with "eon!") must be clearly labeled on your artwork, and do your best with it. If your entry is chosen, the name will be used in VTE. I'll judge by the name too.

4. Eyes must be open! I need to be able to see the color of the eyes.

5. Backgrounds don't matter, only the Eeveelution does. Make a nice background if you want to, but I won't judge based on the background.

6. Drawing must have a side profile and front profile so I can see all the features. If one side doesn't have the exact same features as the other, draw it from both sides.

7. Post your entry in a comment below.

8. Post your entry on any site you want, just make sure there is an accessible link in your comment. Don't put the link in the comment title, because if you do it won't be clickable.

9. You have to be okay with me using your Eeveelution, drawing it my style, and giving it any personality I want. If you don't want me to use it, or you want me to draw it exactly how you drew yours, or you want to come up with its personality, you shouldn't enter, and stop reading right now. I'll take a personality suggestion in your entry comment, but I won't definitely use it. Ok?

Ok, ok, I know there's a lot or rules and some of them are long. But they're really not that hard to follow, ok? :)

Deadline is May 20. There will be no deadline extensions at all. I need the entries by then, otherwise I won't have them in time to add the winner's design into the comic. Late entries will not be accepted unless you give me a really good excuse. :P Contest results will be posted by May 23, or at least I'll try to. The winner will be PMed.

Prizes? What are you talking about? So you say you want some artwork, custom comics, and blah blah blah. Nope. The prize is even better. The winner's Eeveelution will become a character in my awesome webcomic. :D


Darkstripe AF, April 25th, 2016, 10:50 am

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