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July 20th, 2016, 3:27 pm

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You might need to zoom in to see the text... espy is also raging because idiot elementary kid is being an idiot WARNING: THE SURGEON GENERAL HAS CONDUCTED STUDIES THAT SHOW THAT LONG, RANTING COMMENTS ARE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH. PLEASE PROCEED WITH CAUTION.

Btw in case you can't read the dialogue in the second panel, it's right down here. I know it's super tiny. Sorry guys.
Pluto: I'm gonna diieee
Jolni: Cool it, loverboy
Comet: I'm standing next to Venus!
Venus: Judging by its looks, this is the place?
Serena: Yep.
Josh: Hey there.
Kris: snooore -drooling-

Last time I ever do tiny writing.

Mom decided to enroll me in summer school, and I'm in the middle school camp. Well elementary kids camp is next door, and they get out halfway through our lunch break at around 12:15. This one kid, Oliver, THINKS he's so funny, but he's not. If you have ever heard the things he talks about, that kid is messed up. Well, I was watching XYZ anime as usual during lunch, and he comes in and snoops and criticizes everything I do on my phone thinking it's funny. Every. Single. Day. And here's what happened today:

Me: -checking Pokemon Go-
Oliver: You play Pokemon Go?
Me: Yeah.
Oliver: Do the Pokemon die? Can you drop a bomb on them?
Me: No...
Oliver: That game is stupid.
Me: ... -thinking wtf-

Now this happens every day. But this is what really upset me:

a few minutes later...

Me: -watching XYZ episode 22-
Classmate's annoying litte brother: You watch Pokemon? What's with the weird Pikachu mohawk guy?
Me: -ignores-
Classmate's annoying little brother: Hey, Oliver, she watches Pokemon!
Oliver: Really?! You suck.
Me: -thinking oh my god get the hell out of here already-
Oliver: Your face is so ugly. -impish face-
Me: What the...?
Oliver: Ash is the ugliest character in Pokemon. But at least you look better than him.
Me: ...
Oliver: Who is that lady with the pink hair? Why does she have pink hair? Does she die in this episode?
Me: -turns up volume in headphones to the max-
Oliver: I hate that guy with the glasses and jumpsuit. Who designed him?

I wonder who that shiny Ninetales is. (it's not silver or any author) Welp, you'll see her later.

Prepare for the feels. OH MY ARCEUS. YES. THE FEELS. I will make someone die in this chapter. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. And don't you dare spoil it blu. I'm working on that part, since you said it was too cliche.

Now don't get jealous on me, the reason I told only blu was because I knew he wouldn't care if I spoiled it and he also doesn't get "the feels" for that kind of stuff. I could've told anyone else. But I didn't. Because they would actually care and have the feels.

So backstory on how they rounded up the rest of the 'vees: Serena needed more help and Venus was like, "Oh, they're having an ice cream social in the middle of the berry patch where Kris is making pecha berry ice cream. Let's go over there."
At this rate I'm just trying to wrap up this chapter, I'm having problems coming up with material for the dark chapters. I think I'll stick with plotless funny comics from now on. That's why I skipped straight to arriving at the place instead of the boring task of convincing Minty to leave her cupcakes and ice cream behind, and traveling for 3 days.

Now this comic should make one ship rather obvious. Comet was ready to go in a flash with the group because... well because a particular Eeveelution was going.

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